Early Lodge Jewel

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - Our Charity Steward on Mission Possible

Lodge of Remembrance 2015

Team Sport, Team Spirit, Society at large - Br. Benno coaching pro bono (Almoner) - thus also giving publicity to LBoF 929

A visitor from Columbia sent us this photo or his Mother Lodge

Not exactly the "Three Tenors", but when these Brr. sing, they do so with all their heart and soul.

Brr. of Royal Hanover Lodge No. 1777 EC welcoming Brr. from Lodge Bridge of Fellowship No. 929 GC, at Cole Court, Twickenham.

Our hospitable Brr. of Royal Hanover Lodge 1777 toured the Twickenham surroundings with us.

Bro. George Alexandre Rohrbacher, MM, of
MRLS Wolfgang Goethe nº 113, established in Joinville/SC - Brazil.

Bro. George came to Wolfsburg to visit relatives. He had inquired about our meeting. Since we had no meeting during his stay W. Bro Wolfgang Schneider took him on an individual city tour and since it's been cold and dark already ultimately hosted him for hot drinks before he left again.