The idea to form a Regular Lodge in Nienburg came about shortly after the Consecration of Rose of Minden Lodge sometime early on 1973 and from which many became Founder Members. We remember names such as W.Bro. M. Darby, first Worshipful Master, Bro. B. Greengrass, the Lodge Chaplain, Bro. A. Forsyth, the Junior Warden and Bro. R. Penman, the Director of Ceremonies. The Founder Members came mainly from the English, Scottish and German Constitutions. Certainly one of the best known of them being RW. Bro. J.G. Chapman, who was then the Land Grand Master of the Land Grand Lodge.  


The Founder Members all contributed the sum of 250 DM, not a small amount in those days, as a Founder Fee to help establish the Lodge. This is known from a letter circulated to all Founder Members from the Secretary of the Convening Committee, later on to become the first Lodge Secretary, Bro. Capt. S. Hugget. The first Lodge Treasurer was Bro. Capt. J.F. Kemp REME. Military ranks were used almost all the time in the early days, with the bulk of membership being either military or attached civilians.


The Lodge was consecrated on December 1st, 1973, at Nienburg Primary School and then held the monthly meetings at the Logenhaus of the German Lodge "Georg zum silbernen Einhorn" and later moved along the German Lodge onto Langestrasse. With the reduction of British troops in Germany in the mid 90's many active and prospective Lodge members were returning to the UK and Nienburg was no British garrison any more. So it was decided to move to a more international city in Lower Saxony.


The move to Hanover seems to have been a great decision, and Lodge Bridge of Fellowship has started to increase in both Candidates and Joining Members. The 1998 Installation Meeting took place in the Lodges shared new and magnificent premises in  Hanover, attended by over 60 brethren.


In October 2016 the Lodge moved on and is now meeting at the Officers Mess of the German Bundeswehr (OHG / Offizierheimgesellschaft Hanover-Bothfeld) in Hanover-Bothfeld. Thus the Lodge has come back to its military roots.